the STRAND partnership
STRAND PRODUCTIONS are a part of the Strand Media Group. Specialising in producing the highest quality adult Erotic entertainment available in Europe today. Our own appointed distributors market our videos and DVDs in shops, on the Internet, in hotels and in other outlets throughout the world.
The very best broadcasters such as Playboy TV commission our top rated TV shows and our state of the art web sites offer the best in original, unique adult content.
Now STRAND offers you the chance to take advantage of the popularity of our web sites by joining our PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. Just click the join button and you're minutes away from something good

Good reasons to promote the STRAND sites
· excellent conversion rate
· 60/40 partnership program with Strand Cash & Sexy Cash
· strand girls unique 4-in-1 site offers best signup value

. a range of sites from amateur - top models - peeping and flashing - fetish
· exclusive content, pictures and video
· weekly payout with CCBill or Verotel
· online stats
· no pop ups

. 5% Web master referrals

A unique selling point for the main group of STRAND sites is the offer of four sites for one membership. In effect we offer our best sites within one membership package. This group of sites are updated weekly with all new and exclusive content. As a part of this offer we include membership to the STRAND FILM THEATRE. This is a major bonus and great selling point. The membership to this site alone is value for the membership fee. All the membership areas are linked and only require one membership and password.

Our new, fast growing fetish site is copying our other sites with a good conversion and retention rate offering you the highest possible returns. With its own movie download theatre offering exclusive videos as a part of the membership package this site makes a good partnership prospect. We produce all our own material for this site so it is always fresh and unseen and is designed specifically with our membership in mind. Our weekly updates are well advertised, have a look here.

The popularity of 'dogging' has made this one of our most visited sites. With totally exclusive content, pictures and mostly video there is a unique experience for the members. We have some great and unusual promotional material including short video clips to make this site a must. Regular updates with pictures and videos

Do your sites sell DVDs and videos? Would it increase trade if you did? Now it’s easy. We can supply cover pictures or complete pages from our on line store, have a look here. When you sign as a Dr. Blues affiliate you get a full 25% of all sales resulting from your reference. Once a surfer clicks through from your site he remains your customer, you get your own password to check sales from the online stats 24/7 and we pay out monthly once sales reach £50. Most of the product is exclusive to Dr. Blues and all titles have established names and sales potential. This is a great way to make some money, get on board now!
Do you need exclusive content? Well it just aint cheap but if you want the best get in touch and lets see what we can do for you



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To get the very latest sales promotion material including galleries, hosted galleries, pictures, banners and video just click on the site you are promoting.



Our site tours offer a clear insight into the membership content whilst still leaving plenty to be seen. We show only a sample of what we offer but our tours are acknowledged to wet the appetite and make you want more. We don’t have pop ups on any of the sites. We do weekly updates to our member’s areas and show non members clearly what we have updated. Most weeks we update videos as well as pictures.

Our new partner program for ccBill webmasters pays 60% We also pay 10% for all webmaster referals